Building a Customer Experience Culture in Healthcare ft. Craig Kartchner

What does it take to deliver the type of experience that keeps healthcare consumers loyal? Is it something that can be bought off the shelf and quickly configured in your EMR?

Join Craig Kartchner, AVP of Marketing and Customer Experience at HonorHealth, and host Chris Hemphill as they highlight the building blocks of culture, leadership, and organizational shifts in metrics and mentality.

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Episode Takeaways

  1. It is important to recognize and address the collective experience that a person has, long before they are a patient. Healthcare systems typically lack a clear owner of the customer experience and have no solid way to measure the quality of the customer’s journey.
  2. HonorHealth uses a CX Index to measure customer loyalty and perceptions. Marketing departments that want more credibility and voice within an organization should prepare to handle more scrutiny, pressure, ownership, and visibility.
  3. One aspect of improving customer experience is creating lots of options for how your customers access care, and letting them decide which they prefer. Another is finding a better way to communicate with the doctors and clinicians, in a way that doesn’t overwhelm them with messages.
  4. Telehealth is not the answer for everything, but convenience is. People go wherever the problem gets solved faster and easier.
  5. Build a multidisciplinary team by talking with people from other disciplines, including clinicians and frontline staff, and asking what frustrates their patients. When you begin conversations, you informally build a team out of the decision-makers that are willing to improve the organization.

About the Show

Consumer experiences, major disruptors, and AI tech are shaping healthcare for years to come. On Hello Healthcare, we dive deep on these issues with leaders who are driving change. We hope that their stories will drive you to demand or create a better future.

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