August 2023 Health IT Marketing Minutes

What makes marketing in the health IT space unique? Who are the movers and shakers? What’s working, what’s trending? Where can you learn more? This monthly roundup post will focus in on all things health IT when it comes to marketing.

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On this episode of What’s My Tagline? I spoke with Kat McDavitt, President and Founder of Innsena, a consulting firm focused on the market growth and success of healthcare technology companies and community-based organizations. Kat brings a truly incredible level of energy and commitment to everything she does, whether it’s building a work culture requiring staff to devote time to passion projects or starting her own passion project, the Zorya Foundation, which supports the professional advancement of women in healthcare.

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Marketing Strategy vs. Tactics: The Essential Distinction You Must Know – Dominick Sorrentino, Brand & Product Manager at Brafton (@Brafton) says, Remember the fire triangle from way back in grade school science class? You know the one — it shows a flame’s anatomy. The fire triangle’s marketing equivalent would look something like this: 1. Business goals 2. Strategy 3. Tactics. Most marketers have goals, but many lack a unified strategy for achieving them. Instead, they skip straight to tactics, which often leads to outcomes like:

Breaking Ground: The Latest B2B Marketing Trends for 2023 – Melissa Anthony at anthonyBarnum (@anthonyBarnumPR) writes, When it comes to marketing for B2B technology businesses, there’s an almost overwhelming amount of things to consider. From the most effective marketing practices, to ideal media types, to audience targeting and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns, it can quickly become an arduous, time-consuming endeavor. But, when planned and implemented correctly, B2B marketing has proven ROI benefits. With marketing becoming even more central to brand development and visibility, it’s vital to stay up to date with the latest B2B marketing trends dominating 2023.

Matter Communications
Matter Social Second: July 2023 – Jessica Boff at Matter Communications (@MatterComm) writes, Welcome to the Matter Social Second — keeping you current about what’s trending in social media. From TikTok music licensing to the whirlwind around X, we’re sharing the most important and impactful social stories from July.

Five Lessons Learned In Building a Healthcare Website – Keir Bradshaw, EVP, Technology at MERGE (@weareMERGE) says, Since its inception, MERGE has been privileged to work with a broad range of healthcare organizations. With experts on hand in fields of academic medical research, not to mention decades of combined experience working in IT and marketing departments of healthcare systems, we’ve immersed ourselves in the challenges and opportunities that working in healthcare presents and have made it our mission to help transform and modernize healthcare marketing technology practices for our clients.

KNB Communications
7 things a healthcare company should consider when deciding on an agency partner – Emily Boland, Account Director at KNB Communications (@KNBComm) says, Much like you wouldn’t call your dentist for knee-replacement surgery, when looking for a healthcare marketing agency partner, it’s imperative you find an appropriate, qualified match. While several important factors revolve around your company’s unique challenges and goals, here are a few key considerations to ensure your agency’s capabilities and expertise are up to par.

Punching Nun Group
The Story Behind The “punching nun” – Amanda Cecconi, Mother Superior (The Founding Nun) writes, When I was with Ascension Health, the nation’s largest not-for-profit healthcare system, I met some amazing people. I’m a businessperson and a serial entrepreneur, so this was not typical (or even comfortable), but it was extremely enlightening. Beyond developing a deep understanding of women’s health, the operational challenges of the hospital environment, and the nuances of affiliated physician practices, I found something else.

Amendola Communications
Why Down Times Call for More Marketing, Not Less – The A-Team at Amendola Communications (@AmendolaComm) writes, The foreman of an orchard reported to the owner that the trees were growing fewer apples and only on the higher and harder-to-reach branches. What should we do, the foreman asked. Let’s spend less on ladders, the owner said. That doesn’t make sense, but many businesses react similarly during economic downturns by cutting their marketing and PR budgets, the very things that generate sales and visibility. We asked our team of experts for their thoughts on why marketing, PR and social media are more important than ever in difficult times. Here’s what they had to share.

Agency News


MERGE Recognized as a Finalist for 2023 MM+M Awards
MERGE (@weareMERGE) announced it has been recognized as a finalist in the 2023 Medical Marketing + Media (MM+M) Awards. MERGE is being recognized for outstanding work in the categories of Disease Education Campaign and for the second consecutive year as an Independent Agency with Private Equity Backing.

Cherilyn Cecchini, M.D., Named Partner, FINN Global Health Practice
FINN Partners (@FINNPartners) announced that Cherilyn Cecchini, M.D., a board-certified pediatrician, author and influencer with more than a decade of experience in health and communications, has joined FINN as Partner in the New York Health Group. With her hire, FINN continues in its initiative to bring broader real-world expertise and depth of experience to its team of communications professionals to benefit client services and offerings. She reports to Tom Jones, managing partner, Head, New York Health and Pharma Sector.

Marketing Hires & Now Hiring

Innsena (@InnsenaG2M)is a consulting firm solely focused on the market growth and success of healthcare tech and community-based organizations. Their mission is to strengthen the market position of organizations committed to driving meaningful improvement in healthcare. They currently have open positions for Senior Manager of Media Relations, Media Relations Specialist & more. Check out their Careers page.

Leading technology companies select anthonyBarnum (@anthonyBarnumPR) to increase their visibility, hone their external image and generate meaningful media coverage aligned with their core objectives. Founded in 2007, anthonyBarnum is a national public relations firm specializing in category-defining strategies for transformative platforms, software, and technologies. They are always looking for creative, passionate individuals to join their firm. Please see their current job listings.

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Urgent Care Marketing 101 – free, online marketing eBook from Experity (@ExperityHealth)
An urgent care clinic, like any business, is only profitable if patients continue to use its services over time. Unfortunately, many urgent care facilities have a restricted marketing budget, which can severely limit new business volume and community engagement. According to Andrew Ibbotson, Vice President of the National Research Corp. in Nebraska, “Urgent care traffic is driven more by online search results, geography, wait times, and availability than traditional healthcare delivery.” These added complications make identifying the most effective marketing strategies for your walk-in clinic even more essential to success.