Augmenting the Home Care Team

By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
Twitter: @drnic1
Host of Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist#TheIncrementalist

On this episode I spoke to David Hunt, Founder & President of the Cosán Group – which is Gaelic for path, a path that David has been on since growing up in the Boston area with a tight knit family. His career started out in the Medicare world which provided some early insights into the challenges of supporting older generations as they navigate inevitable health challenges and the over riding desire to stay at home.

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His early roles found him in patient homes where he realized there was so much more to learn about an individual that could not be gleaned from an office based interaction. As he spent time with people in their home setting he found it rich with insights, between the pictures on the wall, the dialogue, he got to see what kind of people they were, what their family was like, what their hobbies were, and where they had worked. Was Dave pointed out – this was the time they discovered the person could not get up the stairs in their house or had no food in the fridge – critical information. One of the key discoveries was that of 99490; the care coordination code.

They worked on building out the services that augment the clinical interaction, taking over actions and follow up from a clinical visit. This function is something that some families have a resource that gets involved and coordinates and and gap they wanted to fill. But even when families had their own resource the coordination across geography and distance was difficult.

Listen in to hear about “Eleanor” the voice automation and how they have managed to integrate this into their systems to create a scalable solution that allows one skilled clinical resource, who can be located in another state, who is able to support up to 350 patients. Find out how they have integrated their team and solutions so that their staff know more about the patient than the clinicians do and hear his persona story and journey with his family and parents as even they struggled to navigate a smooth experience for his parents dealing with medical issues and coordination despite being located in the medically rich environment of Boston.

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