A View In 2

What’s on the Must Have Lists?

The American Hospital Association has released a series of reports that showed hospitals and health systems will continue to face pressure on staff and resources while also dealing with rising expenses across the board in 2023. Deloitte’s health system financial forecast is “exceptionally turbulent.”

Beth Friedman, host of FINN Voices and I set out to find out just what vendors feel they have on the hospital and practice must have lists while they are navigating with financial constraints and looking for technology solutions.

In Healthcare NOW Radio’s newest educational shorts, View In 2, we asked for these people to pitch us in 2 minutes.

Take a listen to:

  • David Lareau, CEO of Medicomp Systems
  • Harsh Nayyer, Cofounder and CTO of Pocket Health
  • Scott Stuewe, CEO of DirectTrust
  • Stephanie Broderick, EVP Strategic Initiatives of Clinical Architecture
  • Bevey Miner, EVP Healthcare Strategy and Policy of Consensus Cloud Solutions
  • Patrick Murphy, VP Revenue Cycle Solutions of TruBridge
  • Wes Cronkite, Chief Innovation Officer of TruBridge
  • Robert Robinson, Vice President & General Manager of Honeywell’s Healthcare Solutions
  • Luigi LeBlanc, VP of Technology of Zane Networks
  • Marcus Perez, President of Altera Digital Health
  • Eric Driggers, VP of Growth for Health iPass, a Sphere company
  • Krishna Kurapati, Founder & CEO of QliqSOFT
  • Dan L Dodson, CEO of Fortified Health Security
  • Parth Shah, Vice President Of Product Management of AssureCare
  • Bernard Esquivel, Head of Clinical Innovation for Ixlayer
  • Jeff Fallon, CEO of Vibe Health
  • Bart Howe, President of AHIOS and CEO of Healthmark
  • Bob Gronberg, Associate VP, MEDITECH Professional Services for CereCore