4Medapproved Announces New ICD-10 Course for Clinicians

4medCourseseal_12-01 (1)Certificate of ICD-10 Proficiency for Clinical Providers (CIPCP)

4Medapproved, the leading provider of online education and certification resources on topics relating to healthcare Information technology, announced its latest course offering: The Certificate of ICD-10 Proficiency for Clinical Providers (CIPCP).

The new 4Med CIPCP course provides comprehensive online training to help clinicians with the ICD-10 coding transition slated for October 2014. Most training to date has been targeted toward billers and coders in the Health Information Management (HIM) community. But ICD-10 will also have a major impact on physicians and other clinicians, especially in its requirements for new documentation procedures. 4Medapproved has made it a high priority to meet the training needs of clinicians, to address this important learning gap.

The course offers guidance specific to major medical specialties, including internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, obstetrics, and more. Clinicians can choose from among 16 different specialties. Those in a management role can also access all the specialties in one combined course.

The ICD-9 system has been in place since 1979, and the upgrade to ICD-10 is long overdue. However, ICD-10 is much more complex, with more than four times as many codes. Coders cannot identify the proper ICD-10 code without supporting documentation, so training clinicians on ICD-10 is a crucial part of managing the transition. Practices that do not prepare for the transition risk significant delays in reimbursement and loss of revenue.

“4Medapproved’s large community of medical professionals has been asking for an ICD-10 course for clinicians for some time,” said Wendy Whitmore, CIO of 4Medapproved. “We are very pleased with this new course, which provides excellent detail to support the specific learning needs of physicians and other clinicians on this important industry topic.”

The 4Med educational approach follows the unique 10/10/10 study method, which allows medical professionals to progress at their own pace through text lessons, multimedia modules, and assessments. This method helps cement concepts and provides a high level of knowledge and skill retention for true learning success.

Completion of the course awards a Certificate in ICD-10 Coding Proficiency for Clinical Providers, which has been reviewed and authorized by the 4Medapproved professional medical and technical advisory boards. This course was developed in partnership with Libman Education, which provided 4Med with content and assistance from leading HIM experts.

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