3rd Quarter EHR Incentive Program Status


Just the Facts from Joe Friday

The numbers you are about to see are all true…

As of the end of September


  1. 114,644 Eligible Professionals have registered, 8,000 have successfully attested to meaningful use in the Medicare program.
  2.  2,396 eligible hospitals have registered and 302 of those have successfully attested to meaningful use.
  3. 3,772 physicians and 158 hospitals have received incentive payments.
  4.  Over $872 million has been paid out in the Medicare and Medicaid Incentives.
  5.  That break down is $515 million from Medicaid and $357 million from Medicare.
  6. 33 States Medicaid programs are open for registration. See the complete list. More are expected by the end of the year.
  7. More than 1200 EHR products have been certified by ONC-ATCBs. Search for product on the CHPL.

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