2022 Year End List of Lists

Who doesn’t like a good list? Whether you are on it, know someone on it, or aspire to be on it, you always want to read the list. We think these lists are worth sharing, from most wired to most promising, from top influencers to rising stars, check them out.

12 Healthcare Payments Trends to Watch in 2023

2022 is on track to be one of the worst financial years for hospitals on record. Decreasing revenues, high expenses and sicker patients are forcing many healthcare organizations to consider tough decisions as they plan for 2023. Additionally, labor shortages and consumer demand for digital experiences are two factors influencing the strategic visions of hospitals, health systems, and practices large and small. Healthcare financial leaders can look to technology and process improvements that drive operational efficiencies to cut costs and increase patient satisfaction and retention. InstaMed (@InstaMed) lists 12 healthcare payments trends to watch in 2023.

Top 15 Reasons People Visit Emergency Rooms in Colder Months

Each winter, emergency departments are inundated with particular diagnoses. They’re somewhat variable year by year, but data often reveals patterns, like recurrent issues providers can expect to see with every cold snap. Arcadia’s (@ArcadiaHealthIT) Customer Insights team narrowed the list to the top fifteen. We’ll start at the bottom of the list, then work our way towards the most common reason people seek emergency care from November–February.

Wire19’s global listing of top 60 CIOs, CTOs, and digital leaders in the healthcare industry

The role of CIOs in healthcare and caregiving facilities has evolved from mere technology implementers to strategic thinkers. They must harness data, improve the overall delivery system through better information management systems (IMS) which can eventually lead to shifting in the consumers’ mindset. Similarly, there is also the need to work closely with other departments such as medical staff so they can become accustomed gradually to the new ways of working. This list is of the top 60 CIOs/CTOs and digital leaders in the healthcare industry who have led and are successfully leading their companies towards digital growth through strategic business-decision making and implementation of technology.

Top 150 Healthtech Exponentialists LinkedIn

The first ranking of 150 LinkedIn Healthtech Exponentialists, who are professionals specialized in digital health who are applying exponential technologies (Telehealth, Medical Devices, mHealth, 3D Printing, Robotics, Genetics, Nanomedicine, Decentralized Clinical Trials, Machine Learning, Extended Reality, Blockchain, Metaverse, Digital and Virtual Therapies) to improve the health of people around the world. These people inspire us to continue innovating to change our world and disrupt the status quo in healthcare, through leadership, creativity, network effects, collaboration, synergies, and scalable new businesses.

Fortune Best Workplaces in Health Care™ 2022

To determine the Best Workplaces in Health Care in 2022, Fortune partnered with global people analytics firm Great Place to Work to analyze survey feedback representing more than 161,000 U.S. employees. Here, Great Place to Work compiles lists of small, medium and large work places.

U.S. News Best Hospitals

The last two years have brought changes to health care ranging from treating COVID-19 to delivering care via telemedicine. What is unchanged is U.S. News’ commitment to helping families find the best care for adults and children when they need it most. U.S. News Best Hospitals list reviews hospitals performance in 15 adult specialties, 10 pediatric specialties and 20 surgical procedures and medical conditions affecting millions of people across the country.

CHIME Digital Health Most Wired

The Digital Health Most Wired survey and recognition program serves as a comprehensive “Digital Health Check-Up” for healthcare organizations across the world. As success in digital health increasingly determines the quality of patient care, the scope of the CHIME (@CIOCHIME) Digital Health Most Wired survey reflects the progress of leading healthcare providers as they reinvent healthcare for a new century.

Top 10 U.S. Social Media Influencers in Healthcare

Agility PR Solutions compiled a list of the top 10 social media influencers throughout the United States and operating in the healthcare space. Our solution makes it easy to find — and connect with — the influencers that matter to you.

The Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2022

The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2022. The awardees on this year’s list represent the absolute best in the healthcare technology space. From companies like Novartis with more than 100,000 team members around the globe, to numerous smaller startups with just a few dozen employees in a single office, these companies are changing the face of the industry.

The Top 25 Women Leaders in Healthcare Software of 2022

The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce the Top 25 Women Leaders in Healthcare Software of 2022. The awardees on this year’s list are among the most accomplished women in the healthcare technology industry. These leaders represent companies that provide solutions across a wide range of areas, from connected care to clinical software, ambulatory practices, cost containment, and beyond.

The Top 25 Women Leaders in Consumer HealthTech of 2022

The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Women Leaders in Consumer HealthTech of 2022. The awardees on this year’s list represent some of the most innovative companies in the healthcare technology space.

Top 50 Women Leaders in Healthcare of 2022

Women We Admire is pleased to announce the Top 50 Women Leaders in Healthcare of 2022. This year’s awardees have demonstrated their deep commitment to the field. Their dedication and determination have led to top performing organizations and teams who are significantly changing our communities and world around us.

Top 5 Nursing Jobs of 2022

If you’re entering the nursing job market or looking to make a career change this year, you probably want to figure out the hot jobs. myHealthTalent.com compiled a list of the most sought-after nursing jobs of 2022, plus their average salaries, to give you a start in finding your dream nursing career.

50 Best Medical Colleges 2022

This is a good time for medical school applicants. The best medical schools are beefing up their diversity programs and are seeing record numbers of women and minority applicants. College Consensus ranks the best medical schools in the the United States.

Forbes 30 Under 30 in Healthcare List 2022

Forbes 30 Under 30 in Healthcare List 2022 compiles those individuals who are “saving lives and creating a more equitable future.”

10 Fastest Growing Health Care Jobs (2022)

During periods of economic slowdown or recession, health care jobs have fared better than the rest of the economy. During the 2008 recession, health care jobs faced fewer layoffs compared to other jobs. Not all health care jobs are created equal, however. Over the next 10 years, some health care jobs will grow at faster rates than others. Health Job used the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) (Updated September 2022) data to rank the fastest growing jobs in health care.

Women Transforming Healthcare: The Medika Life 2022 Top 30

All selected for the Medika 2022 Women Transforming Healthcare list are driven to improve people’s wellbeing and create a better, more accessible, more equitable health system. All of them originate and share bold ideas, engaging the diverse sphere of healthcare in productive conversation. This list recognizes and celebrates their achievements.

KLAS Recognizes 2022 Emerging Healthcare Solutions Top 20

KLAS (@KLASresearch) published the 2022 Emerging Solutions Top 20 report, highlighting the top 20 emerging healthcare solutions with the greatest potential to disrupt and improve healthcare. Selected by healthcare leaders working with KLAS, the solutions were rated on how well they could advance the “Quadruple Aim of Healthcare” – to improve outcomes, reduce the cost of care, improve the patient experience, and improve the clinician experience.