2021 Countdown for Most Play Episodes – #1

Now with over 2000 episodes on Healthcare NOW Radio network, 2021 has had over 585,000 plays of that library. The top 10 played episodes from 2021 had over 15,000 of those plays. Follow us until the end of the year for our reveal of the top 10 played episodes on Healthcare NOW Radio.

#1 Value-Based Care Insights

From Value-Based Care Insights, host Daniel Marino invites Steven Berger and George Mayzell to share: How to get physicians involved in both clinical and financial outcomes; How hospitals have to manage different perspectives to boost revenue; put both clinical and financials under the same umbrella to achieve; Why CFOs have not traditionally worked well with physicians and how it needs to change.

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Episodes will be added to our 2021 Playlist as we countdown.