10 Things I Believe about Digital Health

Joshua Liu, MD

Co-founder & CEO at SeamlessMD
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Co-host: The Digital Patient Podcast
Musings and Insights

10 things I believe about Digital Health after 10 years working in Digital Health

  1. We must eliminate “pilot” from our vocabulary. Aiming for system-wide scale of an innovation from Day 1 either sets you up for long-term success or shines the light on pilots that don’t truly have a chance.
  2. Clinical evidence should be the No. 1 criteria when evaluating Digital Health solutions. However, many will pay lip service to this publicly, and ignore this privately.
  3. People + Process are equally important as the Technology you get in a Digital Health solution. But this is often forgotten in vendor comparison charts or journal publications.
  4. Health systems only have the capacity and resources to adopt painkillers, not vitamins. The catch?  Most healthcare innovations are vitamins.
  5. The healthcare industry is large, but the healthcare community is small. How you treat customers spreads like wildfire. Everyone talks. For digital health companies, this can be your advantage or your downfall.
  6. Brand is the biggest moat for healthcare companies serving health systems.  Brand is a function of how much your customer partners trust you. Trust comes from authentic relationships and delivering on the value you promised.
  7. We don’t simply need more innovation, we need the right kind of innovation. Fix the incentives and the right kind of innovation will be adopted
  8. Digital Health must enhance – but not disrupt – the Provider-Patient relationship
  9. Clinical DNA on your team is critical to deliver Digital Health Transformation that improves outcomes.
  10. It is not the health systems fault for hoping and EHR can provide everything 3rd party solutions must be 10x better on a differentiator that truly matters.

The Digital Patient

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