Year End EHR Incentives Status

Just the Facts from Joe Friday on EHR Incentives

The numbers you are about to see are all true…

As of the end of 2011

  1. 123,921 Eligible Professionals have registered for EHR Incentives, 15,255 have successfully attested to meaningful use in the Medicare program.
  2. 3.077 Eligible Hospitals have registered EHR Incentives and 604 of those have successfully attested to meaningful use.
  3. $2,533,689,145 has been paid out in Medicare and Medicaid Incentives.
  4. 277 hospitals have received payments under both Medicare and Medicaid and of those 12 were CAHs.
  5. 22% of eligible professionals that have been paid EHR incentives are Family Practitioners and 20% are Internal Medicine.
  6. 41 States Medicaid programs were open for registration. See the complete list. Two additional States launched in January of 2012.
  7. More than 1500 EHR products have been certified by ONC-ATCBs. Search for products on the CHPL.

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