Verato Announces Patient Matching Support for Third Major HIE

md-crisp-200Virginia-based Company Now Matching Patient Identities for Nearly 10% of US Population

Verato, Inc. (@Verato_Software), a leading provider of cloud-based patient matching solutions, announced that Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP) (@CRISPhealth), a not-for-profit regional health information exchange (HIE) serving Maryland and the District of Columbia, will use the Verato platform to automatically process the most difficult patient matching situations. The ability to match and link patient identities across its participating organizations is fundamental to CRISP’s core services including its Clinical Query Portal and its Encounter Notification Service.

HIEs face the toughest challenges in matching and linking patient identities because of the diversity and independence of the institutions they serve. Even with large investments in state-of-the-art Master Data Management (MDM) or Master Patient Index (MPI) technologies, HIEs must invest even more in teams of data stewards to manually review the difficult and ambiguous matches that the MDM or MPI tools cannot match automatically. CRISP will leverage Verato to automatically match many of these difficult and ambiguous matches in real time, saving CRISP the time and effort of manual review, and thus helping its participants provide better care for their patients.

“Our mission is to enable our healthcare community to share data in order to provide better care, reduce costs, and improve health outcomes,” said David Horrocks, President of CRISP. “But this ability to share data relies on our ability to identify the same patient across every provider where they have received care. For an HIE like CRISP, this patient matching exercise is especially challenging. During our proof of concept with Verato, their platform was able to match many of our most complex and difficult match decisions, even when faced with missing birthdates and phone numbers. And they can match in real time, so we can inject their answers immediately into our existing workflows.”

CRISP joins San Diego Health Connect (SDHC) and Healthix as the third major HIE using Verato to improve its core patient matching capabilities. Using its next-generation approach to identity matching, Verato is quickly becoming the de facto standard among HIEs to quickly boost their patient matching performance without disrupting ongoing operations. With the addition of CRISP, the Verato platform is now being used to help match patient identities for nearly 10% of the US population.

“HIEs have the hardest possible identity matching problem,” said Mark LaRow, CEO of Verato. “They have to match patient identities across enterprise boundaries where it is impractical to impose strict governance rules, standardized data formats, and uniform procedures. Yet our HIE customers are matching patients with the precision usually only possible within a highly governed and controlled enterprise. Health systems, health plans, and HIEs all have difficult patient matching challenges and most have found the limits of existing MPI technologies. Verato breaks through those limits with a new Referential Matching technology, which has the added advantage of being much faster to implement because it is cloud-based and because it doesn’t require the endless tuning of other technologies.”

Founded in 2008, CRISP is a nonprofit organization charged with the mission to advance the health and wellness of patients across Maryland and the District of Columbia by deploying health information technology solutions adopted through cooperation and collaboration. CRISP offers tools to clinicians, care managers, and other providers of care in real-time so they can have the most accurate view of a patient’s medical history in front them during a treatment encounter.

About Verato
Verato offers a cloud-based patient matching platform that links and matches patient identities across disparate databases or organizations with the highest accuracy rates in the industry. Verato leverages an extensive self-learning database of US identities as a universal “answer key” for identity data. Using this database as a reference, Verato links patient information 15 times better than existing technologies. And because it is cloud-based, the Verato platform is less expensive, faster to implement, and more scalable than traditional data quality, data integration, and Master Patient Index (MPI) solutions. The Verato platform can act as a standalone MPI, or can be used to quickly and easily boost the matching performance of large MPI implementations. Verato is based in McLean, VA.