Unique Offerings at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

BethKellyBy Beth Kelly
Twitter: @bkelly_88

Now that the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show is over, the tech world is buzzing over the latest and greatest products that were debuted and displayed there by companies big and small. One trend that has only grown in recent years at CES is the presence of health technology at the show and it’s slowly becoming a part of mainstream consumers’ everyday life. So what were some of the unique offerings shown in Las Vegas at this year’s show?

Work it Out
Obviously 2014’s biggest trend in health technology was the wearable device. This year that got taken to a whole new level by Blue Spark Technologies and FitLinxx who both developed smart patches. Blue Spark’s option is TempTraq, a patch you place on your infant or toddler when they’re sick to monitor their temperature through your smartphone, a potentially lifesaving invention for busy moms and dads.

FitLinxx brought something similar with their waterproof AmpStrip patch that is placed on an adult’s torso to monitor their heart rate, respiration, temperature, activity level, and posture while working out. It’s a godsend for those athletic types who are sick of the cumbersome and annoying heart rate monitors or health bracelets.

Breath Easy
Asthma is becoming a greater problem for those suffering thanks to the declining air quality, with 1.8 million ER visits due to it every year. With that in mind Health Care Originals debuted its Automated Device for Asthma Monitoring and Management (known as ADAMM). The device is a small patch user’s wear which monitors respiration, heart rate, as well as detecting coughs and wheezing which it reports back to its smartphone app. Its goal is to detect patterns, monitor inhaler use, and help prevent against asthma attacks.

Also there showing their wares in air quality was ADT Home Security who showed off their updated Pulse home automation system which now features not only carbon monoxide detectors but can alert homeowners and authorities like police and EMTs when the lethal gas is detected.

Get Zen
By now it’s safe to say that yoga is no longer considered a trend and is here to stay. It’s scientifically proven physical and mental benefits are numerous and it seems that more and more people are taking up this low impact method of exercise. Hoping to tap into the ever growing population of yogis is SmartMat, who debuted their namesake product at CES. The SmartMat Yoga Mat is the world’s first smart yoga mat which gives you instant feedback on your posture, hand and foot positioning, alignment, and even offers lessons on new poses. It’s essentially a yoga mat and yoga instructor all in one, a godsend for those who either don’t want to, or can’t make it to regular yoga classes.

About the Author: Beth Kelly is a freelance writer in Chicago. With a background in technical writing, she is now writing on the intersection of health and technology. Her focus is on young innovators with the potential to positively change the healthcare system in America. You can contact Beth at bethskelly@outlook.com.