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Interoperability impact on patient care

Join host Jared Johnson and Doug Tolley, Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Strategic Partnerships at Dedalus as they discuss interoperability for a purpose, including the ultimate impacts on patient care as the industry works to improve data connectivity.

About the Guest

Doug Tolley, Chief Revenue Officer, Dedalus
Twitter: @DedalusNorth
Twitter: @Tolleylama
LinkedIn: Doug Tolley

Doug has spent his career in sales, sales leadership, business development and executive leadership. Doug has worked in mining, education, healthcare, telecommunications, and banking. Doug has presented around the world at trade shows, government agency strategy sessions, user’s groups, and regional associations on topics ranging from unified communications, healthcare IT adoption, battlefield IT challenges, business process and implementation, and investment strategies.

Meet the Host

Jared Johnson
Twitter: @jaredpiano
LinkedIn: Jared Johnson

Jared is an influential voice in healthcare marketing and advocate for consumer transformation. He is the host of the long-running Healthcare Rap Podcast, winner of the Medigy HITMC 2021 Marketer of the Year Award, and author of two books: Connect the Docs and Marketing Forward.

About the Show

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