Three MDs Weigh in on Digital Health and Value Based Care

We sorted through the archives of HealthcareNOW Radio and found three MDs talking digital health and value based care.

The Incrementalist
Host Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick (@drnic1) talks to Dr. Eric Topol on the future of digital health in the context of AI and all the data. Learn more about Dr. Nick and The Incrementalist.

Voices in Value-based Care
Host Beth Houck (@bahouck) talks to Dr David Ellis of Midlantic Urology to reflect on the first year of MIPS including concerns, surprises and lessons learned. Learn more about Beth and Voices in Value-based Care.


Harlow on Healthcare
Host David Harlow (@healthblawg) talks with Rasu Shrestha MD MBA, Chief Innovation Officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Executive Vice President, UPMC Enterprises. He is also a radiologist and chief of the UPMC division of radiology informatics. UPMC is a 25-hospital, $14 Billion a year health care provider and insurer with over 3 million members. UPMC Enterprises functions as the innovation and commercialization arm of UPMC. Learn more about David and Harlow on Healthcare.