The Incrementalist at ViVE

Join Healthcare NOW Radio and The Incrementalist with host Dr. Nick van Terheyden on stage in the CHIME Theater at ViVE on Monday, March 27th, 3pm – 4pm CT. Hear Dr. Nick and his guests discuss why making health equity a priority is good for your business.

Find this event on your mobile app on the home screen in the CHIME Theater section. See you in Nashville!

Why making health equity a priority is good for your business
In the past few years, we have seen heavy investment from across the industry in tools addressing behavioral health, new digital therapeutics, and new methods of drug development and clinical trial design. There has also been a boom in improved digital health tools including asynchronous telehealth and RPM. Despite these advancements, we risk leaving patients behind. Investments in these areas must be centered on health equity, ensuring positive health impacts for all patients. This push for health equity goes beyond altruism; it is becoming a business imperative that will determine future organizational success.


Solomon Banjo
Managing Director, Health Care Ecosystem Research & Product Strategy
Advisory Board

Darby Sullivan
Director, Health Equity Research
Advisory Board

Ty Aderhold
Director, Digital Health Research
Advisory Board

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