The Identity Issue: What’s New in Patient Identity and Matching

2023 The State of Interoperability Virtual Summit

Five Panels Offering Insights and Guidance on the Path to Data Exchange

Presented by Answers Media Network and DirectTrust, this virtual Summit covered the current and future state of interoperability. Hear from industry leaders on hot topics, including what’s new and what’s next, regarding data quality and usability, patient identity, use cases for interoperability, engaging patients, and the future of interoperability.

Watch Panel 2: The Identity Issue: What’s New in Patient Identity and Matching

For the most up to date thinking and considerations regarding both identity and patient matching, including through a privacy and security lens.

Moderated by Kyle Neuman
Director of Trust Framework Development, DirectTrust
LinkedIn: Kyle Neuman

Kyle is a visionary cryptography engineering leader, who was instrumental in revitalizing the vision and mission at SAFE Identity (formerly SAFE-BioPharma Association). DirectTrust acquired the assets of SAFE Identity in 2021. Kyle continues to actively develop new and existing technical standards on public-key cryptography, blockchain cryptography, key management, and multi-factor authentication for both government and private sectors. His passion for identity lies within the vision of the future and enabling identity between geographical regions and political regimes for the benefit of humanity as we transcend into an increasingly digital way of life.

Meet the Panelists

Jason Barr
VP, Healthcare Inc.

Ryan Howells
Leavitt Partners

Marc Mar-Yohana
Founder & CEO

Lindsey Hall
Product Manager, Identity

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