The Healthcare Analytics Summit 19

When: September 10-12, 2019
Where: The Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City UT
Hashtag: #HAS19

Data: Your Most Important Future Asset

The future of healthcare digitization is exciting and transformative, and data will be the foundation to accelerate that change. HAS 19 will showcase data as both a fundamental survival strategy and as an innovative approach for thriving in the new world of digital healthcare.

Many systems still see the EHR as the central healthcare data asset. But EHR data only contains eight percent of the necessary data for truly effective population health. We see a much broader future where data from many sources will be the most important strategic asset for the modern day health system.

In HAS 19, you’ll learn how data will drive significant advances beyond improved clinical quality, including improvements in financial performance, risk management, labor productivity, workflow efficiency, supply chain effectiveness, frictionless transitions of care and scalable precision medicine.

You’ll also learn how rapid advances in technologies will revolutionize our ability to digitize the patient, enabling entirely new level of diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive actions. And these changes will extend well beyond traditional health systems, leading to significant innovations in the payer and employer spaces as well. In effect, data will transform almost every single aspect of healthcare delivery and performance.

Some Topics HAS 19 Will Cover

  • The major digital transformations that are reshaping healthcare.
  • How other industries are digitizing and their lessons learned. This year, we have invited our most popular industry speaker, Anne Milgram, to talk about advances in criminal justice analytics
  • and the parallels for healthcare.
  • Health systems that are implementing the latest trends in machine learning, artificial intelligence, NLP, social determinants of health, and wearables data to analyze and improve care.
  • How to get prepared to support the technologies and data flows that will accompany healthcare digitization.
  • Daniel Pink, the renowned leadership and change management expert, will share best practices of the realities of organizational transformation, including principles of small wins and how to influence change.
  • Where population health is working and not working, how AI is enabling population health transformation, and what is needed to make population health really work.
  • Why only eight percent of the data needed for population health and precision medicine are contained in typical EHR systems, and where the rest of the necessary data will come from.
  • Our youngest keynote speaker ever, Justin Aronson, will demonstrate how Generation Z is reshaping our technical and cultural approach to data, making the case that data democratization is critical to enabling future generations to innovate in a more equitable and effective way than currently possible.
  • How advances in virtual care and other consumerism trends will create and be enabled by new sources and data types.
  • Best practices for data analysts and data scientists, including common pitfalls for many current data science implementations.
  • Advances in understand more about social determinants of health and which ones are most effective in driving care improvement.
  • The latest on CMS measures and ONC interoperability standards and future directions.
  • Why data alone doesn’t induce behavior change and the type of skills need to influence others to change. We’ll examine the science of the mind and the power of optimism and positive information to induce change.