The Evolving Healthcare Delivery System and Health Data Exchange

J. BordenickeHI 2013 Health Data Exchange & Interoperability Summit

By: Jennifer Covich Bordenick, Chief Executive Officer, eHealth Initiative

Faced with rising costs and a healthcare system that is currently unable to deliver significant or sustainable increases in the quality of care, health information technology (health IT) has become the centerpiece of reform efforts to improve quality, safety, and efficiency. Beginning with core components like an electronic health record, health IT can enable providers to view and utilize information at the point of care to improve diagnoses, inform decision-making, coordinate treatment across disparate care settings, avoid errors, and decrease duplicate testing.

By providing secure and seamless access to up-to-date, comprehensive, and actionable information, effective health data exchange improves coordination and communication between care teams. New models of care delivery, including accountable care organizations, patient-centered medical homes, and pay-for-performance systems, depend upon health data exchange to manage patient populations, deliver patient-centered care, measure and report performance, share health information, and improve care.

As the healthcare industry evolves, these new models of healthcare delivery coupled with federal initiatives such as the Meaningful Use program will continue to drive the need for effective health data exchange.  It is increasingly important that stakeholders across the healthcare industry collaborate to identify best practices and innovative tools to address barriers to effective data exchange, including interoperability and patient privacy. At eHealth Initiative’s 2013 Health Data Exchange & Interoperability Summit, we will be addressing these very issues and challenges through a series of panel discussions and case studies. Taking place on October 30-31 at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC, we invite you and your colleagues to join us and engage with leaders from all sectors of the industry to discuss how interoperable health data exchange can improve care.  I hope to see you there!

Health Data Exchange & Interoperability Summit
When: October 30-31
Where: Grand Hyatt, Wash DC
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