Telemedicine News & Updates 3-20-2017

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ATA Introduces an Interactive Exhibit and Women’s Executive Panel at April Telehealth 2.0 Conference
As the telemedicine industry continues its upward growth, American Telemedicine Association (@AmericanTelemed) is adding new features to its flagship conference, ATA 2017 Telehealth 2.0. In addition to its host of other events, attendees can participate in the Experience Zone and Simulation Area tours, which enable attendees to test drive and interact with leading industry products and technologies. They also can celebrate their female colleagues while networking with thought leaders and industry experts following a Women’s Executive Panel. See more conference details below. [tweet_dis url=”” excerpt=”Register for #T2Telehealth prior to 3/25 for big savings; New this year Women in #Telehealth”]Tweet This[/tweet_dis]

Jefferson Health Makes the Most of Telemedicine
Just this week a Nor’easter hit the Northeast and it brought with it dangerous driving conditions and road closures. For many across the region this probably meant last minute cancellations of appointments with doctors. While cancellations are inconvenient for both parties, some may even be devastating for patients who have possibly waited for weeks or months to see a certain doctor or specialist. However, those who were scheduled to see a doctor at a Jefferson (@TJUHospital) facility had no need to fret. Patients received a message via email directing them to simply contact JeffConnect through email or a phone call and arrange to switch their in person visit to a virtual one! JeffConnect offers all sorts of valuable telemedicine options for patients including On-Demand Video Visits 24/7, remote second opinions, and Virtual Rounds for families who have a patient in the hospital. In addition, JeffConnect also accommodates providers with the Jefferson Neuroscience Network and remote consults when needed.

Telehealth Services Prices Forecast to Rise 3.5% in 2017
IBISWorld (@ibisworld) is the world’s largest independent publisher of industry and procurement research reports.

Do Virtual Doctor Visits Save You Money?
Virtual doctor visits conducted from the living room couch or other convenient locations might lead to needless overuse, thereby driving up health care costs, according to a new RAND Corporation study. The study says patients could be video chatting with doctors and incurring costs for ailments that otherwise would not have led them to seek treatment. The results drew skepticism from local health systems and telemedicine vendors and manufacturers who say the medium is revolutionizing doctor care. Read both sides of the tale in this article from TribLive (@TribLIVE).

Zeriscope Launches Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kit
Zeriscope announced the launch of its portable and cost-effective Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kit, a simple and easy-to-adopt hardware and software tool that combines live video and data streaming technology with remote patient care. The Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kit contains a ruggedized tablet, keyboard and an assortment of exam sensors including blood pressure monitor, a high definition Bluetooth stethoscope, pulse oximeter, 4-lead ECG, otoscope, exam/wound camera and other peripherals as customized for each customer’s requirements.

In State News:
NC Legislation Backs Reimbursements for Telemedicine
A requirement that insurers provide standard coverage and reimbursements for telemedicine and other digital services was introduced in a bipartisan House bill last week. Rep. Donny Lambeth, R-Forsyth, is the primary sponsor of House Bill 283. The bill has been sent to the House Health committee. If approved there, it would go the House Insurance committee.

Telemedicine on the Rise at Vermont Hospitals
In Windham County, Vermont hospitals and health care providers are investing in new forms of telemedicine. The investments come as technology continues to improve and as state legislators consider a bill that expands insurance reimbursement for telemedicine. Health care administrators say those developments, along with new focus on preventive medicine, are leading to changes in how patients interact with their caregivers.

Utah Provides Structure to Telehealth, Expands Access to Mental Health in Proposed Bill
The National Law Review reports that Utah is one of the many states that started off 2017 with proposals to change its existing telehealth laws and regulations. Proposed Utah HB 154 (the Proposed Bill), endorsed by Ken Ivory and Allen Christensen, amends the regulatory infrastructure for telehealth, with a focus on mental health. The Proposed Bill was passed by both the Utah House of Representatives and Senate and was enrolled on February 24, 2017. The Proposed Bill now awaits Governor Gary Herbert’s signature.

In West Virginia – Delegates Pass Telemedicine Bill to Help Serve Rural Areas
Delegates have approved a bill that its sponsors hope will expand access to mental and behavioral health medications. House Bill 2509 would allow physicians to prescribe certain controlled substances through telemedicine technologies — such as during a video call. Doctors are currently prohibited from prescribing certain types of medications over telemedicine systems, including narcotics such as oxycodone and morphine — drugs that have been abused in recent years in the state.

In South Carolina – Telemedicine Expands Patient Health Care
Imagine yourself as a busy parent in rural Williamsburg County, working long hours every day to make ends meet. Now imagine your child needs regular follow-up health care, but the closest pediatrician is more than 30 miles away. This scenario and variations of it take place throughout South Carolina every day. But there are solutions to some of these challenges. Telehealth and the collaborations it’s producing across the health care landscape are creating these solutions. Through the work of the Medical University of South Carolina Center for Telehealth, the home base of the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance, people struggling to maintain their or their loved ones’ health amidst economic strain can now access health care in a more timely, more cost-effective and productive way.

Upcoming Events:

ATA 2017 International Conference and Tradeshow (#T2Telehealth)
What: Telehealth 2.0 – The Transformation Advantage
When: April 23-25, 2017
Where: Orlando, FL

SPS 2017 Telehealth Conference
What: 3rd National Telemedicine & Telehealth Service Provider Showcase
When: October 2-3, 2017
Where: Phoenix, AZ

CMS Covered Telehealth Services
You can download the list of services payable under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule when furnished via telehealth on the CMS website.