Talking Healthcare Policy

Our on-demand and podcast library now has over 1400 episodes in 30 different shows to choose from. Where does one begin? Why not start with some policy episodes? With the new administration just about to hit the 100 day mark, what direction or reverse directions are we going in healthcare? Here are three shows with three episodes talking to experts on policy.

This episode of Tuning Healthcare features Dr. Ashwini Zenooz, Chief Medical Officer and SVP for Healthcare and Life Sciences at Salesforce. Dr. Zenooz was most recently the Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) overseeing the national EHR modernization program. She is board certified in radiology and continues to practice medicine today. Dr. Zenooz provides a unique perspective from her clinical and healthcare policy experience and shares insight into digital health innovation.

On this episode of The Virtual Shift, Dr. Jonathan Woodson outlines a Digital Transformation Model – calling for a national strategy where all stakeholder collaborate on a unified infrastructure model to be leveraged by health systems, consumers, payers (inclusive of the US Government. We further discussed how best to ensure access to care, whether via the bricks and mortar or the digital front door serves everyone; as well, as how we ensure all have access to the necessary technology to maximize access and serve their path to wellness.

On this episode of This Just In, host Justin Barnes, aka the @HITAdvisor, welcomes back Tom Leary, Senior VP Government Relations at HIMSS, as Justin continues his HIMSS series in the lead up to this year’s conference which will be held this August in Las Vegas and celebrating their 60th Anniversary. Tune in to hear long time friends Justin and Tom on this special episode discussing the latest digital health and health IT public policy trends.