Common Healthcare Breaches

By Art Gross – When it comes to protecting your business, the approach needs to extend beyond the locks on the doors. Cyber threats are the highest risk to your patient and data security. So what are the most common healthcare breaches that you should be on the lookout for regularly?

Healthcare Under Attack

By Matt Fisher – Not a day can go by anymore without a report of at least one data breach (and likely more) or a cyber attack on a healthcare organization. The pace of attacks seemed to increase as the world shutdown in from COVID-19 and security concerns have only continued to increase.

Protecting Against The Threat of Ransomware

By Art Gross – Recently a memo went out from the White House and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency to industry leaders that emphasized the threat posed by ransomware within their businesses as well as emphasizing just how important it was to the current administration to prioritize the awareness.