Privacy Patchwork Challenges

By Matt Fisher – The scope of actual and proposed privacy regulators, laws, requirements, processes, and more keep expanding. The expansion is occurring at both the federal and state level resulting in an ever-increasing patchwork of requirements for organizations to be aware of and comply with.

Long Trail for Extra Tissue Samples

By Matt Fisher – In healthcare, many layers always exist around seemingly each and every issue. The ongoing utilization of extra blood from newborn heel stick samples provides the latest example. The concerns raised go to privacy and informed consent as the primary issues.

What is Privacy?

By Matt Fisher – Privacy is an important topic of discussion, consideration, deliberation, or any other word that can be used to say it is front and center. The focus on privacy has been growing as technology expands and creates more data. Privacy is so important though because there needs to be an understanding of what should happen with data.

Privacy and Direct to Consumer

By Matt Fisher – What is the state of privacy in direct to consumer solutions in healthcare? It is an important question to ask because expectations and reality do not necessarily align. For example, users (patients to a degree) will see a healthcare solution and expect that standard protections will apply.