HIPAA Compliance

Control Access to Patient Info

By Matt Fisher – Snooping into medical records is a long established privacy concern. It is one of the classic examples of how a data breach can occur because it trades on an individual’s natural curiosity that must be contained. Despite snooping being a widely known concern, it still occurs.

Don’t Post That

By Matt Fisher – Social media and healthcare can be a productive combination, but not when patient information is involved. The power and reach of social media are nothing new, nor is the concern about the ready ability to spread misinformation.

Physical Safeguards for HIPAA Compliance

By Art Gross – While it’s easy to get caught up in the many, many words of policies and procedures, how your space physically looks and functions are just as important. Physical safeguards play a vital role in achieving HIPAA compliance and keeping sensitive data out of the wrong hands.

HIPAA: Text Messaging and Chat Services

By Art Gross – As technology advances, more healthcare providers adopt digital technologies. Therefore, HIPAA compliance in regard to text messages and chat services becomes increasingly important. The HIPAA Privacy Rule was created to protect the privacy of personal health information.