HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA: Text Messaging and Chat Services

By Art Gross – As technology advances, more healthcare providers adopt digital technologies. Therefore, HIPAA compliance in regard to text messages and chat services becomes increasingly important. The HIPAA Privacy Rule was created to protect the privacy of personal health information.

HIPAA Compliant Chat

By Art Gross – Being available to your patients 24/7 isn’t practical for most healthcare practices. Chat services can provide a response option or even resolution until normal business hours resume. Additionally, chats can offer initial patient care or registration services.

Privacy and Direct to Consumer

By Matt Fisher – What is the state of privacy in direct to consumer solutions in healthcare? It is an important question to ask because expectations and reality do not necessarily align. For example, users (patients to a degree) will see a healthcare solution and expect that standard protections will apply.

Power in Data: Value Against Privacy

By Matt Fisher – Data are the new currency. That saying has become entrenched as a primary cliche describing the way of the world nowadays. The value of data has become especially true in healthcare. So many see opportunities to be extracted, but what about considerations of privacy and the impact on individuals?