You’ll Pay for a Delay

By Matt Fisher – The OCR did not wait long into 2017 to issue its first settlement for a HIPAA related breach. The honor for Presence Health came only nine days into the year.

Criminal HIPAA Charges for Respiratory Therapist

By Bob Grant – A former respiratory therapist was convicted of wrongly accessing individually identifiable health information by a federal jury on June 23 of this year. The charges claimed that the therapist was using the information to seek, obtain, or use intravenous drugs.

Reminder of Brave New Business Associate World

By Matt Fisher – Potentially lost in the week leading up to the July 4th holiday weekend, the OCR announced its latest HIPAA related breach settlement. The settlement is one of the first directed at a business associate and serves as a pointed reminder that business associates may be directly liable for the breaches that they may cause.

Balancing Act: Making Data Security a Priority in Daily Nursing Routines

By Terry Hayes – Regardless of the hospital or specialty office, nurses are an essential piece of patient-centered healthcare delivery models. As a former pediatric nurse practitioner, I know firsthand the amount of responsibilities nurses juggle, all while maintaining the personal, bedside manner needed to ensure patients and their families feel comfortable and knowledgeable about treatment and care.

How to Respond to a Stolen Device

By Steve Spearman – When we look at all of the high profile HIPAA breaches that happened in the past year, it’s easy to think that HIPAA breaches only happen at large practices, or at least that they only happen to other large practices. it’s easy to think that a security breach cannot happen to your practice until after the breach has happened.