healthcare regulatory compliance

Equity in Virtual Care

By Matt Fisher – The integration of virtual care into the delivery of healthcare is opening new doors for access and patient interactions. While that statement is true, it may not be universally true. Some patient populations, especially populations with disabilities or limited English proficiency, may not be able to experience the same benefits.

What is Privacy?

By Matt Fisher – Privacy is an important topic of discussion, consideration, deliberation, or any other word that can be used to say it is front and center. The focus on privacy has been growing as technology expands and creates more data. Privacy is so important though because there needs to be an understanding of what should happen with data.

A New Era for Access

By Matt Fisher – The information blocking regulations that are designed to promote individual access to records finally went into effect on Monday, April 5, 2021. The regulations were long delayed both in initial drafting and then implementation after finalization.

Chasing Money can Create Blind Spots

By Matt Fisher – Money is the driving force behind many concerns and decisions in healthcare. Physician practices, hospitals and others need money to invest in capital needs or simply to keep the doors open. Digital health companies see a market ripe for disruption and ready to acquire new products.