healthcare regulatory compliance

FTC Continues Healthcare Action

By Matthew Fisher – On the heels of recent settlements concerning the use of personal and health information, the Federal Trade Commission is continuing its push on the healthcare front. The latest action is the finalization of changes to the Health Breach Notification Rule.

More FTC Privacy Action

By Matthew Fisher – The FTC recently reasserted itself into the privacy discussion when it comes to healthcare information. Given the defined scope of HIPAA that does not cover a number of growing areas where healthcare data can be found, it is important to remember that agencies beyond the HHS OCR can act to require protection.

Coming Together: Part 2 and HIPAA

By Matthew Fisher – HHS released a final rule that will establish greater alignment between Part 2 (privacy of substance use disorder treatment records) and HIPAA. They kicked off the process with a notice of proposed rulemaking that was published on 12/2/22.

Healthcare Regulatory Triumvirate: Only the Start

By Matthew Fisher – It should be well known and understand that the healthcare industry is subject to a variety of laws and regulations that can make operating in the space trickier than other industries. To give both new and experienced individuals a taste of that complexity, three primary laws are often cited as the top priorities to keep in mind.

Shading the Gray for Tracking

By Matt Fisher – The use of tracking technology in healthcare continues to garner a lot of attention. The issue first came to the fore in 2022 following an expose that discovered a large majority of hospitals and health systems across the country included Meta Pixel on their websites in numerous different places.

Not Ready for Primetime

By Matt Fisher – Generative AI and large language models continue to garner a lot of press, attention, and investment in healthcare. The promise is that such tools will free up a lot of time by offloading some tasks or potentially filling roles that remain empty at this point in time.

Will Penalties Drive Compliance?

By Matt Fisher – At the end of June 2023, the HHS Office for the Inspector General announced the finalization of the first civil monetary penalties for failing to comply with information blocking requirements. Will the possibility of enforcement make a difference though?

Privacy Patchwork Challenges

By Matt Fisher – The scope of actual and proposed privacy regulators, laws, requirements, processes, and more keep expanding. The expansion is occurring at both the federal and state level resulting in an ever-increasing patchwork of requirements for organizations to be aware of and comply with.