data breaches

New Loop: Data Breach to Lawsuit

By Matt Fisher – A recurring pattern has developed when it comes to data breaches. The first part of the pattern is that healthcare is under constant cyber attacks that challenge security measures while aiming to get access to private and sensitive information within the systems.

Healthcare Under Attack

By Matt Fisher – Not a day can go by anymore without a report of at least one data breach (and likely more) or a cyber attack on a healthcare organization. The pace of attacks seemed to increase as the world shutdown in from COVID-19 and security concerns have only continued to increase.

Limitless Liability

By Art Gross – A year of credit monitoring along with identity theft monitoring services. That’s what most of us settle for when we find out that our personal data has been compromised. We are alerted, we change our password, we read the letter that offers these services and may or may not sign up for them.