Anne Dabrow Woods

2024 Predictions Final Thoughts

Over the past few weeks we have heard from many of our industry experts on what they see happening in 2024. From AI to equity, from security to interoperability, from finance to payments, and from innovation to transformation, here are some final thoughts.

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Top 2023 Read Posts

With almost 19,000 reads, here are the top 10 most read and shared posts of 2023. Thank you to all these authors that have shared their thoughts with us and our readers.

Reshaping Healthcare Delivery — 3 Factors That Impact the Future

By Anne Dabrow Woods – In the not-too-distant past, patients primarily received care at a brick-and-mortar provider’s office for their primary healthcare needs, for sick or prevention visits or chronic condition management. But a number of economic and societal factors have caused a real revolution in where patients receive care.

2022 Predictions – Final Thoughts

Will we still be discussing the pandemic impact at the end of 2022? Our industry experts and thought leaders have shared their predictions for 2022 with us over the last few weeks. Here are some final thoughts.