State Healthcare IT Connect Summit Morning of Day 1

Modernizing State Health IT Systems

The theme is ‘Connecting the States’ To Transform and Modernize State Health IT Systems. The event is in partnership with the National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO), co-sponsored by the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) and the National Association for County and City Health Officials NACCHO). For real-time commentary follow the hashtag #StateHIT.  The Summit is offering complimentary access to all three days of programming through live webcasts. You can still register here through the State Connect portal. View the 3-day agenda. Here’s what you might have missed so far this morning.

Twitter feed on State Healthcare IT Connect Summit in Washington DC, June 19, 2012 (#statehit)

Opening Keynote Speaker: Charles Safran, MD, MS Chief Division of Clinical Informatics, Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians, BIDMC Associate Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School

SymantecPublicSector ‏@SymantecGov

  • Opening Keynote – Charles Safran, MD The imperative of Big Data in Public Health Transformation #statehit
  • HealthCare IT is “Consuming the digital crumbs” of existing systems to define outcomes based medicine, need to do better. #statehit
  • 50% of CIO’s don’t trust their own data 95% of data is unstructured We are Data rich and information poor. #statehit
  • The unspoken healthcare mandate is “Keep all data private but make it available to everyone.” Healthcare dichotomy! #statehit

Don Fluckinger ‏@DonFluckinger

  • #StateHIT Safran: In near future patient data from outside sources (gov’t, personal fitness etc) will far exceed that within the #EHR
  • #StateHIT Safran: It costs physicians & patients 7 seconds to ask a question that can be entered in an EHR in a structured way. Fascinating!

Keynote: Building the Quality Driven Enterprise through Public/Private Collaboration, Dr Helen Burstin, SVP Performance Measures, National Quality Forum (NQF)

Don Fluckinger ‏@DonFluckinger

  • #StateHIT NQF’s Burstin guesses: #SCOTUS ACA ruling comes monday because health policymakers are out of town an in ATL for a meeting, ha

HIT Marketplace ‏@morehitech

  • #statehit Keynote Burstin quoted Einstein to end and say where we are at when it comes to performance measures
  • #statehit Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Einstein

Panel Discussion: Health Information Exchange as a Force for Megachange in Healthcare Transformation, with Moderator John Piescik, Strategy Program Manager, Center for Transforming Health, MITRE.

  • Jim Hogan, Information Officer, DTMB, State of Michigan
  • Saleem Sayani, CIO, Health and Mental Hygiene, State of Maryland
  • Lorie Mayer, Arizona State HIT Coordinator
  • Lee Stevens, Program Manager, State Health Information Exchange, ONC, DHHS

JPrestigiacomo ‏@HCI_JPresto

  • Lee Stevens @ONC_HealthIT “The best #HIE is invisible” #StateHIT

Don Fluckinger ‏@DonFluckinger

  • #StateHIT ONC’s Lee Stevens pushing the notion of “#HIE as a verb,” a talking point @Farzad_ONC likes to hit lately
  • #StateHIT Lorie Mayer, Ariz #HIT coordinator: 5 agencies + private groups supporting state #meaningfuluse & #HIE efforts. A “struggle.”
  • #StateHIT Mayer: Older docs threatening to retire rather than adopt #EHRs
  • #StateHIT state #HIT leaders on Direct: Stepping stone or permanent standard? The former. It works for now; quality reporting requires more

HIT Marketplace ‏@morehitech

  • #statehit States want HIE to aid in disasters like Katrina

Mike Squires ‏@eMikeSquires

  • #healthIT #StateHIT Lee Stevens of #ONC speaks on HIE fundamentals, increasing focus on consumer-mediated exchange.
  • #healthIT #StateHIT Lorie Mayer of Arizona #AZHIT Coordinator discusses standing up DIRECT Marketplace.
  • #healthIT #StateHIT Jim Hogan, Michigan DTMB Info Officer, says people get used to adoption after initial resistance.