Reuters Digital Health Forum Returns to in Person

Join North America’s leading forum for advancing the delivery of digital care

Digital Health’s deployment has been as fast as it has wide. Overnight it has become the central focus for hospitals, health plans and emerging market disruptors across the nation. The result? Workflows are more complicated than ever. We’re failing on patient engagement. And we still lack a clearly defined digital care payment infrastructure.

Another year of sub-optimal digital health use is not an option for an industry at breaking point. Now is the moment to tackle our inefficiencies and create the sustainable care delivery system that our overburdened workforce and underserved patients deserve.

That’s why 300+ digital health leaders, from health systems, payers, policy makers, pharma, and health tech, join forces at Reuters Events Digital Health this April; to share the truly groundbreaking practices and systems that we urgently require to be replicated industry-wide for quality, affordable and equitable healthcare in America.

Why this conference is the must attend event

Be seen as a digital health leader
Benchmark against the best in the industry and gather competitor intelligence with 30+ case studies from senior decisions makers from the 50 largest payers and providers. You will either come away assured of your industry leading status or learn how to get there. Either way – you must be in attendance to truly be viewed as a digital health leader.

Form the meaningful, long-lasting connections that drive your business forward
After 2 years of virtual meetings, we are excited to be back in-person and facilitating those lasting relationships that help you achieve your objectives for 2022 and beyond. Whatever your immediate goal – be it building your brand’s exposure or discovering that advanced tech solution you’ve been desperately searching for – Digital Health allows you to experience both ‘chance encounters’ and planned meetings that make a difference to your career and business.

Supercharge your operational efficiency
Discover the newest and most innovative technological advancements, as well as the ones your competitors employ, and condense 6 months of technology research down to just two days. Connect with the 50+ solution providers showcasing their solutions to ensure you’re providing optimal support to your overstretched staff.