Request for Public Comment on Potential CQMs for Stage 3

Reviewing Stage 3 Clinical Quality Measures

CMS invites the public to provide input on new clinical quality measures (CQMs) for potential use by eligible professionals in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs.

Comments on proposed measure specifications are now being accepted, and must be received by 5:00 p.m. ET on Monday, November 25, 2013, to be considered.

Participating in Public Comment
The proposed measures assess key components of many health care aspects deemed important to evaluate and measure for patients. CMS welcomes all comments, but is particularly interested in feedback on the following areas:

  • Relevance of the measures to the mission of public reporting under the EHR Incentive Programs for eligible professionals
  • Usefulness of the measures to improve quality of care for patients
  • Feasibility of data collection via EHRs for public reporting under the EHR Incentive Programs for eligible professionals

To read the measure specifications, please visit the CMS website.

Submitting Comments
The JIRA comment tool will be used for collecting comments on the measure specifications listed above.

If you are a current JIRA user with an active account, click here and select ‘log in’ at the top right corner. If you are new to JIRA and DO NOT have an account, click here and select ‘sign up’ to set up a new account.

Once logged into the JIRA tool, enter your comments by:

  1. Select “Projects” at the top middle of the home screen
  2. Select “Comments on eCQM’s under development” project
  3. Select “Create issue” (orange button) at the top middle  of the screen to enter comments
  4. Please fill out the fields labeled: ‘Summary’, ‘Contact name’, ‘Contact email’ and ‘Contact phone’
  5. Enter your comments in the ‘Description’ field
  6. Select the measure name that you are commenting on from the ‘Draft measures’ drop down box:
    1. For the “Appropriate Use of DXA scans in women under 65 years who do not meet the risk factor profile” measure select “DXA Scans
    2. For the “Overuse of diagnostic imaging for uncomplicated headache” measure select “Uncomplicated       Headache
  7. Select ‘Create’ at the bottom left to submit your comments.  If you would like to enter more comments, select ‘Create      another’ and then ‘Create’

For more information on how to use JIRA, click here.