Receiving Medicare EHR Incentive Payments

First EHR Incentive Payments Issued

The first Medicare Electronic Health Record (EHR) incentive payments have been issued. Participants will receive their Medicare EHR Incentive Program payment the same way they receive payments for Medicare services, via electronic funds transfer or by paper check. Payments to Medicare providers will be made to the taxpayer identification number (TIN) selected during registration for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program. For electronic transfers, CMS will deposit incentive payments in the first bank account on file and it will appear on the bank statement as “EHR Incentive Payment.” Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs), carriers, and fiscal intermediaries will not be making these payments. CMS is working with a Payment File Development Contractor to make these payments. You are asked not to contact your MAC regarding EHR incentive payments.

Payments will be made approximately 4 to 8 weeks after an attestation has be accepted for the EP and they have met the threshold for allowed charges. If the EP has not met the $24K allowed charges at the time of attestation, payments will be held until it is met. If the EP never meets the $24K threshold, the payment amount will be calculated on 75% of the amount that has been submitted by the end of February 2012 for service dates of 2011.

If you practice predominantly in a geographic Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) and acheive and attest to meaningful use, you will recieve a bonus payment. These payments will be issued in lump sums no later than 120 days after the end of the calendar year they are eligible for.

Eligible hospitals and critical access hospitals that achieve and attest to meaningful use will receive 2 payments, an inital and final. The initial payment can be expected 4 to 8 weeks after attestation. Final payment will be determined at the time of settling the hospital cost report.

Medicaid payments are all paid from the individual states and will vary depending on their programs.

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