Questions on Meaningful Use Objectives

Questions on Meaningful Use Stage 1

Question: For the core objective related to Electronic Exchange of Clinical Information, where do you send the transmission of patient information in order to meet this objective?

Answer: The test of electronic exchange of key clinical information must involve the transfer of information to another provider of care with distinct certified EHR technology or other system capable of receiving the information. Simulated transfers of information are not acceptable to satisfy this objective..\

Note: The transmission of actual patient information is not required for the purposes of a test. The use of test information about a fictional patient that would be identical in form to what would be sent about an actual patient would satisfy this objective. An unsuccessful test of electronic exchange of key clinical information will be considered valid for meeting the measure of this objective.

Question: Who ultimately is responsible for the numerator and denominator numbers for meaningful use? The certified EHR software or the Eligible Professional?

Answer: The Eligible Professional. However, the EP should choose their EHR vendor based on their application’s capability to fulfill the requirements of MU reporting.