Prescription for Engaging Patients

Join Us with Windstream Enterprise for this Virtual Event

Patients have so much more choice in who they choose for their care and healthcare providers need to worry about attracting patients as well as getting them engaged in their own care. In this webinar we will bring together CalvertHealth with Windstream Enterprise and give real-life examples of how CalvertHealth is improving their patients’ experience.

Patient Experience has an impact on your health system and your reimbursements as well as on patient outcomes, but the clinical setting is not all there is to the patient experience. Everything from the first time they research the doctor or health system to when and how that patient pays their bill is important. We will discuss what technologies that one regional health system is using to contribute to increased patient satisfaction and patient engagement.

To provide best in class patient experience as a service, the infrastructure and cloud connectivity is equally important as the applications used to deliver the patient experience and we will spend some time discussing what this regional health system did to prepare their infrastructure and increase their visibility into the performance of their applications.

In this session you’ll learn:

  1. Implications of patient experience improvements to a regional hospital
  2. Results of deploying Patient Experience as a Service solution
  3. Key considerations including infrastructure requirements to optimize patient experience cloud applications and gain visibility into application performance by location
  4. What additional use cases will Patient Experience as a Service help with in the future





Kristin McInerney, Healthcare Services Consultant, Windstream Enterprise

Phil Campbell, CIO & VP of Information Services, CalvertHealth Medical Center