Next Generation Healthcare Products

WhatsNew-200There are new and improved products in healthcare being developed everyday. The following are announcements and launches of upgraded or new health products recently publicized.

Premier Inc. Features Range of New Healthcare Products
During the Premier Inc.’s (@PremierHA) annual Innovation Celebration, 11 new healthcare products were introduced. Selected because for their unique nature and ability to positively impact the medical community and patient care, Premier is endorsing and encouraging use of these products. Congratulations to Bloodbuy (@Bloodbuy), FUJIFILM Medical Systems (@FUJIMEDUSA), Hologic (@Hologic), Siemens Healthineers (@SiemensHealth) and Skytron (@SkytronLLC) who made the list. Click here for a full description of each product.

The Next Generation Hearing Aid
Oticon (@OticonUSA) introduces the world’s first internet hearing aid, Oticon OpnTM, with advanced listening technology. With two communication systems, this new technology makes certain that communication occurs without problems and a longer life span for the battery. “Opn opens up a whole new world of sound, allowing users to manage multiple speakers in difficult situations such as dinner conversations, and to benefit from technological advances that were previously out of reach. Opn can make a real difference to the lives of people, young and old, who suffer from hearing loss.” – Soren Nielsen, President of Oticon A/S

Prime Medical Introduces its SAF-T Products
Prime Medical (@PrimeMedical3) has created a line of SAF-T products (@SafTScrubs) made from a patented fabric that kills bacteria, viruses, and germs with 99.9% effectiveness. Products include curtains, bed linens, towels, scrubs, lab coats, and patient gowns. Currently, unprotected fabrics provide shelter for microorganism that can cause diseases. The SAF-T line helps address the issue of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) which cause more than 100,000 deaths in the United States and can cost up to $45 billion dollars each year.

Verso Introduces GlazeSil™ Lightweight Release Liner Papers for Hygiene and Medical Applications
Versco Corporation (@VersoCo) announces their new product, GlazeSil™, a light, uncoated liner paper created specifically for medical application and hygiene. “This exciting addition to Verso’s industry leading release liner product portfolio gives producers of hygiene, medical and personal care products more options than ever to meet their unique converting performance, reliability and silicone coating requirements,” said Mike Weinhold, Verso Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Development.

VASCO Data Security introduces MYDIGIPASS for Healthcare
VASCO Data Security (@VASCODataNews) has created the MYDIGIPASS for healthcare and health IT providers as a way to ensure trusted digital identities for their patients and employees. MYDIGIPASS includes protection of electronic prescriptions, ensuring compliance, securing patient portals, and securing mHealth apps.

DoctorGlobe Launches Nation’s First Online U.S. Hospital-Shopping Platform for Self-insured Companies
Doctor Globe (@doctorglobe) has partnered with its first customer Claim Doc to offer the first online hospital – shopping platform designed to eliminate extra out-of-pocket costs and work for self-funded employers and their employees. “To date, we are the first and only ‘web 2.0’ style U.S. domestic hospital-shopping platform of its kind. Participants can shop for the provider that best fits their needs in terms of quality, distance, and their estimated bonus based on the savings their chosen hospital generates. It’s all about choice, flexibility and affordability, and the DoctorGlobe platform makes it all possible.” Tibi Zohar, CEO, Doctor Globe.