ABCs of VBC: Hypertension and Value-Based Care – Where do we go from here?

Answers Media Network (@HealthITAnswers) and Azara Healthcare (@azaraDRVS) continues our series of webinars on value-based care.

In response to a plateau in hypertension control rates, in 2020 the Surgeon General published its Call to Action to Control Hypertension with goals of making control of hypertension a national priority—incorporating support for hypertension control in our communities and optimizing patient care to promote control.

It’s important that we identify where and how we can take action. The American Medical Association (AMA) has been instrumental in the development of tools and programs to support patients and care teams as they work to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke for all. During this webinar, panelists from the AMA discuss the current-state challenges of hypertension, the role of remote patient monitoring of blood pressure and define the return on investment at all levels.


  • LuAnn Kimker – Vice President Clinical Innovation, Azara Healthcare
  • Matt Fusan – SVP, Product, Azara Healthcare
  • Greg Wozniak – Vice President, Health Outcome Analytics, American Medical Association
  • Dr. Michael Rakotz – Vice President, Health Outcomes, American Medical Association

If you missed the event, watch the recording of the ABCs of VBC below.