National Health IT Week Monday Recap

National Health IT WeekMonday, Sept 16th

This week is the 8th Annual National Health IT Week. The week raises awareness of Health Information Technology’s power to improve the health and health care of patients all across the nation, and at lower cost. National Health IT Week celebrates the efforts that have been made—and are being made—in the transformation of how care is delivered and paid for and how patients engage in their own health and health care. Here are some highlights of the opening day.

  • Brian Ahier is hosting the National Health IT Week Blog Carnival this year on his Advanced Health Information Exchange Resources site. It will run all week and he will be updating daily. This year’s theme is “The Value of Health IT.”
  • Twitter hashtags to follow: #NHITWeek, #BlueButton, and #patientengagement.
  • reports on today’s Consumer Health IT Summit in Blue Button Access to Health Records will Save Live, Top Techie Says. US CTO Todd Park says Blue Button is a “movement”. And Blue Button is now available to 100 million people coming in at nearly 1/3 of the US population.
  • Get Real Health, award winner of the ONC Blue Button Mash Up Challenge, announced the Blue Button + data exchange standard is now available in thier InstantPHR™ patient engagement software platform.  They credit ONC for promoting consumer access of health data to the success of Blue Button.
  • Health IT Buzz reported the winner of ONC’s Blue Button Co-Design Challenge, the third challenge this year, is GenieMD. The Challenge tasked developers with creating apps that implement and use Blue Button + functionality to address one of several patient problems.
  • Keith Boone spent the day at the Consumer Health IT Summit kicking off Health IT week in DC. He gives his recap of the Summit on his blog Healthcare Standards.

Tweets of the Day