MGMA Spotlights Industry Leaders on State of Healthcare Panel

The Healthcare Industry Evolves in Changing and Uncertain Times

Will the elections have an impact on physicians, payers, hospitals, or public and private purchasers of healthcare? One would think if you took in your news from unfair, unbalanced, leaning left, leaning right media sites, there will be night and day depending on the election outcome. Reading the MGMA conference planner summary on a keynote panel it stated; “Given the passage of healthcare reform under the current administration, a change in administration would likely cause a huge swing of the pendulum regarding government involvement in healthcare.” Checking out the panel representatives, AMA, AHA, BCBS, GHCAG, you might think they would also lead you to believe everything will depend on this election.

But if you were one of the four thousand people listening in on the industry expert panel, you should have left with the sage advice of; as far as healthcare goes it will be business as normal no matter what happens in the elections. Don’t get them wrong, there will still be issues, challenges, and changes for you along the way but don’t count on any of ACA going away. That was the consensus of AMA President Jeremy Lazarus, AHA CEO Rich Umbdenstock, Buyers Health Care Action Group CEO Carolyn Pare, and BCBSA CMO Dr. Allan Korn.

Dr. Lazarus, President of the American Medical Association believes it would be a shame to turn around the funding that the industry is seeing through the Affordable Care Act. And he stated this might be the “last best chance for innovation”. Hear Dr. Lazarus explain why he thinks this in my MGMA Moment with him.

During the panel, Dr. Korn, CMO of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association discussed what he believes are the most important issues facing the industry in these changing times. There is a lack of definitive guide lines for providers and payers as new laws are being implemented. We must keep our eye on quality, safety, and costs. He says that “consumers can only demand what they know”. I caught up with Dr. Korn after the panel and asked him to what if anything is BCBS doing to help educate patients to know more? Listen to his answer in this MGMA Moment.

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