How Medical Practice Management has Evolved

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Guest: Belinda Muench, Vice President of Strategic Services of Advantum Health
Twitter: @RevenueSherpa

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to talk with Belinda Muench of Advantum Health about how the management of medical practices has evolved over the last decade. The cornerstone of the conversation focused on the current and the future impact on practice management as the industry continues to shift to value-based care. Belinda shared her insights and thoughts on the following. You can listen to the interview below.

  1. How has medical practice management changed over the past 10 years and what new challenges are providers facing?
  2. Do you think those challenges will drive clinicians away from independent practice in favor of hospital employment?
  3. What do modern medical practices need to prioritize to achieve sustainability as the industry makes the pivot to Value-based care?
  4. What financial metrics and processes should a practice focus on to help drive revenue cycle performance improvements?
  5. What resources do you think will help practices ensure future success?


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