MAeHC Ceasing Operations & Distributing Assets

Massachusetts-Based Non-Profit Distributing Assets to Organizations Aligned with its Vision of Improving the Safety, Quality and Cost-Effectiveness of Healthcare

The Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC) (@MAeHC_org), a pioneer and national leader in health information technology for over 15 years, is winding down its operations in 2020. The organization was originally formed to improve the safety, quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare in Massachusetts and the surrounding region through the creation and promotion of health information technologies that allow hospitals, physicians and other provider organizations to immediately access critical patient medical information. Having fulfilled its non-profit mission, the organization has now turned its attention to distributing its remaining assets to like-minded local nonprofits.

“For the past 15 years, our small but tenacious company has worked alongside organizations from across the healthcare continuum to support their meaningful adoption of technology,” said Micky Tripathi, former President and CEO of Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative. “We’ve also played a major role in advising and leading various industry initiatives in interoperability, standards development, and health IT policy. We’re forever grateful to our many stakeholders who have helped us achieve our mission. I’m thrilled that we can now ‘pay it forward’ by distributing our remaining funds to other organizations working on the innovative use of electronic health information technologies in Massachusetts and beyond.”

MAeHC is in the process of selling, donating and transferring certain assets to third parties to enable the organization and its affiliates to wind down in an orderly fashion while promoting the continuation of its vision and mission by others into the future. As a first step of this process, MAeHC has sold certain assets to Arcadia, a Burlington, Mass-based population health management organization. In addition, the majority of the MAeHC workforce transitioned to Arcadia, including Mr. Tripathi, who now serves as Arcadia’s Chief Alliance Officer. MAeHC has also assigned the New England Healthcare Exchange Network, Inc. (NEHEN) contract to the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium (MHDC), a closely allied non-profit that will continue to support this important function in the Massachusetts marketplace. Next, MAeHC will be seeking proposals from certain Massachusetts-based Section 501(c)(3) charitable organizations to be the recipients of remaining funds.

“I couldn’t be prouder of what MAeHC has accomplished since its inception,” said Lawrence Garber, MD, Chairman of the Board of MAeHC. “As the company enters this final phase, we can look back at a job well done, with highlights that include making the first interoperable healthcare community in the country, as well as creating an effective and affordable analytics and event-notification infrastructure that helped improve the care of millions of patients around the country.”

MAeHC plans on distributing its remaining funds to one or more organizations that share its vision that the innovative use of electronic health information technologies as a tool will continue to improve the way healthcare is delivered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and to the broader geographical area. A request for proposals will be made available by July 1, 2020. Interested parties can visit for more information.

“As those of us at MAeHC close our final chapter, we are still looking to the future by ensuring that other organizations can continue to innovate on the unique foundation of HIT assets our company has built over the years,” said Christopher Matarazzo, MAeHC President and CEO. “We look forward to what’s next for the industry, and hope the journey takes us closer to the promise of innovative health information technologies.”

About The Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative
The Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC) is a non-profit services firm delivering strategic guidance, project management, data warehousing and analytics services, and hands-on implementation support to help clients across the country improve their clinical and business performance.