Listen to our HIMSS18 Highlights

We had an amazing time at HIMSS this year talking to some of the top thought leaders of the industry. We invite you to listen to all the interviews on HealthcareNOW Radio’s Soundcloud channel.

Check out these highlights discussing what’s happening in analytics, blockchain, interoperability, AI, and precision medicine.

Rusty Frantz, CEO of NextGen
Hear Rusty’s thoughts on how the industry can achieve interoperability. Rusty also talks about how technology is not only improving practice management but also clinical care. Listen

David Hom, Chief Evangelist at SCIO Analytics
“Under value based care, healthcare organizations are under pressure to improve quality resulting in improved clinical results. The problem: Many organizations are exerting considerable effort without really moving the quality needle in the right direction.” That is quoting David one year ago. Are we moving the needle now? And what exactly is a Chief Evangelist? Listen

Dave Lareau CEO of Medicomp Systems
Why so much hype surrounding the use of AI in healthcare? He also discusses the importance of interoperability and overcoming the key barriers to achieving true interoperability. Listen

Lee Barrett, Executive Director for EHNAC
Hear updates on the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission and their newest initiative including blockchain. Listen

Simon Beaulah Director of Healthcare Strategy for Linguamatics
How is Natural Language Processing (NLP)and AI improving healthcare? And what are the challenges – and the opportunities – ahead for NLP? Listen

Buff Colchagoff, CEO, RosettaHealth
It will take a “Community” to break down the barriers of health data exchange. Hear Buff discuss this and his community he brought to HIMSS. Listen

Shaz Ahmad, VP of Cloud Operations and Delivery NextGate
Does Shaz think the healthcare industry has finally overcome its fear of the cloud? And how does the cloud play a role in organizational initiatives like population health, interoperability and precision medicine. Listen

Scott Whyte Chief Strategy Officer of ClearData
Scott is a veteran health IT leader with more than 25 years’ experience serving the nation’s largest providers and payers. As a former CIO at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, he brings a unique perspective to cloud security. On this interview, he gives examples of some of the more exciting cloud innovations in healthcare right now. He also discusses the cloud’s ability to aggregate vast data sets play a role in achieving interoperability. Listen

Kelly Thompson, CEO of SHIEC
Hear an update on the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative members (more than 60 HIEs now participating), as well as an update on the Patient Centered Data Home initiative. Listen

Jim Connolly SVP Product Development Zynx
Is Interoperability is a real possibility or an unfilled promise? Jim also discusses the challenges facing healthcare executives right now in an evolving industry. Listen

Andrew Wright, Sr. Product Manager, Change Healthcare
The Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS. Change Healthcare is the service provider for Commonwell. What will be important in interoperability this year? Listen