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Healthcare de Jure

Weekdays 2pm, 10pm, and 6am ET, hear host and attorney Matt Fisher (@Matt_R_Fisher) serve up the hottest healthcare issues of the day, all from a legal point of view.

Matt chats with Eric Langshur (@ericlangshur), ‎Partner at Abundant Venture Partners, about physician burnout.

Matt chats with Dr. Robert Dudzinski (@RDudz_West) of the West Corporation – The Future of Customer Experience Lifecycle Management for Healthcare.

This Just In

Weekdays at 6:30 am, 2:30 pm and 10:30 pm ET hear host Justin Barnes, aka the @HITAdvisor and his guests shed light on the latest trends, strategy and innovations impacting healthcare, technology and even entrepreneurialism in America.

Justin talks with Tom Foley (@FoleyTom) of Lenovo Health (@LenovoHealthUS). The two discuss the Health Innovation Think Tank (#HIThinkTank) and key best practices from our Value-based Care, Connected Health and Virtual Care collaborations.


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