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jessiegrumanIn Memoriam: Jessie Gruman, July 14, 2014

Jessie Gruman was founder and president of the Center for Advancing Health, a nonpartisan, Washington-based research institute since 1992. After a long time illness she died at her home on Monday, July 14, 2014. A true patient advocate, author and cancer patient, she has had a tremendous and personal voice on the subject. Her presence will surely be missed. Here are tributes and information from her family and colleagues. Follow her tributes on her Twitter @jessiegruman.

Jessie’s family has asked that contributions be made to:

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The Center for Advancing Health works with policy makers, clinicians, and communities to more effectively support people’s engagement in their health care. They produce and disseminate research news stories that people can use to inform decisions about their health and health care. And the Center offers “Be a Prepared Patient” resources to help people find good health care and make the most of it.

Since it was founded in 1992, the Center for Advancing Health has aimed to increase people’s engagement in their health and health care. While advances in medical knowledge have been responsible for steady increases in the length and quality of life of Americans, the potential of health care to improve individual and population health in the future rests increasingly in the hands of individuals. Whether we are sick or well, we will not benefit from the expertise of health professionals and the technologies they deploy unless we participate actively and knowledgably in our own care.