InterviewsNOW: Realtime Clinical Communication with Terry Edwards, CEO at PerfectServe

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Guest: Terry Edwards, CEO at PerfectServe
Twitter: @PerfectServe

On this episode of InterviewsNOW, host Shereese Maynard talks to Terry Edwards, CEO of PerfectServe. The conversation focuses on customer communication technologies and real time clinical communication.

Terry addresses the following questions in their 30 minutes together:

  • Consumer communication technologies are so advanced. Why are healthcare communication systems still so fragmented? How did we get here?
  • Where do EHRs fit into this puzzle? Weren’t they supposed to help us all communicate more effectively during the clinical episode?
  • What is his vision for the type of clinical collaboration that’s being described?
  • The real-time clinical collaboration PerfectServe is achieving for theri customers sounds fabulous. But there are other companies out there trying to achieve the same goal. What makes PerfectServe different and unique?
  • You mentioned communicating with patients also during our initial question. Can you elaborate on what this might look like within a real-time, clinical collaboration platform?

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About PerfectServe
Revolutionizing healthcare communications with their platform Dynamic Intelligent Routing. Never has communicating with the care team been so smart and easy. Designed to transcend geographic and organizational barriers, our proprietary software connects you to the right person, right when you need them.

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