InterviewsNOW: Dr. Sanjay Seth of HealthEC on Social Determinants of Health

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Guest: Dr. Sanjay Seth, EVP of HealthEC
Twitter: @HealthEC_LLC

Late last year I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Sanjay Seth on his advice for getting ready for MIPS reporting in 2018.

In a follow-up conversation with Dr. Seth, he addresses the growing attention on social determinants of health. On the conversation we discuss, among other things:

  1. Why physician practices and hospitals paying closer attention to social determinants of health.
  2. What role physicians play in advocating and sustaining a value-based care program that incorporates social determinants of care.
  3. How to build a multidisciplinary team that addresses social determinants in the practice.

You can listen, download or share the episode of our conversation below.

About HealthEC
HealthEC is a leading innovator and KLAS-recognized Population Health Management Company dedicated to improving patient outcomes, managing costs and optimizing patient quality of life for the customers we serve. A comprehensive solution suite integrates all electronic patient data (any system, any setting of care, and in any format) and applies sophisticated analytics to identify provider-specific patterns and guide patient care interventions. HealthEC’s platform helps customers coordinate care and maximize incentive payments by identifying and managing high risk and chronically ill patients, and addressing gaps in care. Sophisticated care models simplify clinical workflow, engage patients in their care, and optimize performance to support quality measure reporting.

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