Impact of TEFCA – A Virtual Panel Discussion with Industry Leaders

“Operationalizing TEFCA within the Biden Administration’s first year was a top priority for ONC and is critical to realizing the 21st Century Cures Act’s goal of a secure, nationwide health information exchange infrastructure”
– Micky Tripathi, National Coordinator for Health IT

Recorded February 2022

The publication of TEFCA marks the beginning of a new era of electronic health information exchange in the U.S. Watch and hear industry experts as they unpack TEFCA and what it means for health information exchange and your organization including implementation timelines, use of EHRs, and other critical components.

On this virtual discussion, our industry leaders discuss:

  • Why TEFCA matters
  • The role of the ONC’s RCE
  • Role of a QHIN
  • How will EHRs be affected
  • Various Timelines
  • Participation advantages for healthcare providers


Jim Tate

Founder EMR Advocate and Host of The Tate Chronicles
Twitter: @jimtate


Damon Auer

Chief Executive & General Manager of North America, Dedalus
Twitter: @DedalusNorth

Lee Barrett

Executive Director, EHNAC
Twitter: @EHNAC

Paul L Wilder

Executive Director of CommonWell Health Alliance
Twitter: @CommonWell

Mariann Yeager

CEO, The Sequoia Project
Twitter: @sequoiaproject