HIMSS Highlights 2016

himss16-HighligtsEach year at the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition we get together and talk to leading experts to hear just what they have to say about what is going on and where we are going in health IT. This year it took place in Las Vegas and the theme was transforming health – through IT.

You can hear all of our interviews on our Healthcare NOW Radio.

Here are some of the people I spoke to:

Tom Croteau, Georgia Deputy Commissioner of Economic Development – Georgia is fast becoming the Health IT hub of our nation. Hear how and why this is happening. Connect at Georgia USA and follow them @gdecd.

Stuart Newsome, Vice President – Alpha II – Now that ICD-10 is behind us, what is the next hot topic and challenges in provider reimbursements; Follow them @Alpha_II.

Josh Siegel, CTO – CareCloud – Everyone know CareCloud as a cloud based EHR but in fact it has been built on a complex platform that promotes interoperability. Follow them @CareCloud.

Catherine Valyi, VP of Marketing – CIOX – The unveiling of the merger of four leading companies coming together as CIOX. Hear how this new branding represents where the company is going. Follow them @cioxhealth.

Lee Barrett, Executive Director – EHNAC – An update on what’s going on at the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission. Follow them @EHNAC.

Terry Edwards, CEO – PerfectServe – Hear why care coordination is so important. Follow them @PerfectServe, follow Terry @perfectserveCEO.

Brian Edds, VP of Product Strategy – Spok – What changes are emerging in how healthcare organization are approaching their communications? Follow them @spoktweets.

Dr. Tom Giannulli, CMIO – Kareo – As healthcare providers work to meet increased consumer demands and changing reimbursement models, hear what challenges independent practices especially in trying to stay independent. Follow them @GoKareo and follow Tom @drtom_kareo.

Tim Welden, Regional General Manager – Wellcentive – Why are population health applications and solutions in such demand in today’s health care systems? Follow them @wellcentive.

Michael Ball, SVP of North America – BridgeHead Software – Spearheading moving from traditional vendor-neutral archives (VNAs) to next generation Independent Clinical Archives. Follow them @BridgeHeadHDM

Wendy Whitmore, Chief Technology Learning Officer – 4Medapproved – What’s new in online health IT education and why is it important for healthcare professionals to engage? Follow them @4Medapproved and follow Wendy @wendyswhitmore.

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