HFMA ANI Conference Brings Leaders Together to Discuss Challenges Impacting RCM

ANI LogoThe HFMA National Health Institute hosted its annual ANI conference for 4 days in Las Vegas at the end of June. Braving scorching 110+ degree weather, thousands of attendees and exhibitors gathered at the Sands Expo Center to discuss how existing and developing legislation, trends, and financial challenges are impacting revenue cycle management including:

  • Compliance and legal issues
  • Interoperability and analytics
  • Value based care payment models
  • Quality, cost and clinical transformation
  • Consumerism of patient care

You can check out articles recapping selected presentations at ANI 2016. The articles give you a great sense of the depth of knowledge presented at the conference.

Speaking of knowledge, I had the chance to chat briefly with two industry leaders attending as exhibitors.

First, I spoke with Tracy Currie, the CEO at Capto. On the interview he gives his thoughts on how healthcare organizations can ensure their IT departments run like a business. He also talks about the impact data analytics capabilities will have on the industry in the coming years.

I also had a chance to catch up with Ric Sinclair, VP of Product for ZirMed.  We interview Ric regularly at the annual HIMSS Conference and he always has something insightful to say. At the ANI conference Ric discusses how the increase of patient financial responsibility and shift to value-based care are making it harder for providers to get paid. He also discusses what market indicators make this year’s conference different from previous ones.

You can hear both interviews below.

Interview with Tracy Currie, CEO of Capto

Interview with Ric Sinclair, VP of Product at ZirMed