Healtheway Announces Appointment of Carequality Leadership

Leadership Committees Include Representation From Providers, Pharmacies, Long-Term and Post-Acute Care, Consumers, Government, Standards Development Organizations and Vendors

Healtheway, a non-profit, public-private collaborative focused on advancing the implementation of interoperable health information exchange, announced the appointment of the Carequality Steering Committee, Advisory Council and two working groups. The governance bodies and work groups bring together broad industry and government representation to focus on solving real-world health IT interoperability implementation issues.

The Carequality founding members launched Carequality in the spring of 2014 under the management of Healtheway. Carequality was formed with an ambitious goal: to tie together the many valuable health information exchange activities occurring throughout the country, and solve the final mile of interoperability between them. The ultimate mission is to create a system much like the ATM network in banking, where healthcare organizations will be able to share information securely over the Internet, regardless of the specific technology platform or network they use.

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