Improvements and Updates

Can Sebelius Survive the Heat?

With 143 days remaining to enroll in a Healthcare Exchange, is still working overtime to iron out the wrinkles. They are still reporting regularly on How we’re working to improve on software updates and enhancements. And they can’t tell you enough that there are four ways to apply for coverage: online, phone, paper application, or in person.

While Park was on the hot seat last week, this week we shine the spotlight on Secretary Sebelius. After all she did say last week she takes responsibility. This week she said ” we’re not there yet.” On Wednesday, one week after her appearance before the House Energy and Commerce Committee she testified before the Senate Finance Committee on and ACA issues. She says there are hundreds of problems but won’t agree with critics that think the program should be delayed. The payer spokespeople are saying the delays would bring increases to premiums in 2015.

This week saw the first jumping off the ship. It was reported the CMS CIO Tony Trenkle is leaving for the private sector. Did he get that job before this whole thing blew up or leave off any responsibilities for the rollout from his resume? Jason Miller has more information on Trenkle in his article, CMS CIO Trenkle leaving for private sector.

And checking in with the media this week here are some interesting article on the issues.

On Wednesday, Reuters reported, Interest in Obamacare rises despite website problems: Reuters/Ipsos poll. Despite the web site problems polls show Americans are favorable towards the ACA. “Among the general public, support for the law rose from nearly 44 percent to 47 percent, with a credibility interval of 1 percentage point, according to the poll.”

The Washington Post WonkBlog is reporting more and new problems with the web site in Uh-oh: Techies are finding new problems with The posts include comments from Medicare spokeswoman Julie Bataille.

From the Politics section of CNN online, Capitol Hill reporter Lisa Desjardins is reporting “Documents show first days of Obamacare rollout worse than initially realized.” Current contractor updates are revealing details of the first days of the rollout.

Politico is now reporting Republican Senators are circling the wagons and telling Obama to fire Sebelius. There are only ten at this point and leader McConnell is not in the pack. See their article, Few Senate Republicans want Kathleen Sebelius out.

And this just in, Issa threatens to subpoena O-Care official, from The Hill. It appears that CTO Todd Park is declining his invitation to speak to the House Oversight Committee. So it looks like we will be back to talking about Park next week. Stay tuned.