Health Data Initiative Strategy & Execution Plan

Damon Davis Released and Ready for Feedback

By:  Damon Davis

In 2010 the Department of Health and Human Services launched its efforts to make the vast array of data resources it curates openly available for public consumption.  Since then, the initial tranche of 30 data sets has grown to nearly 1000 data assets, and counting. The Departmental efforts to release data for the purpose of sparking innovations in healthcare and the delivery of human services is known as the Health Data Initiative (HDI).  The mission of the HDI is to help improve health, healthcare, and the delivery of human services by harnessing the power of data and fostering a culture of innovative uses of data in public and private sector institutions, communities, research groups and policy making arenas.  The HDI’s goal is to make health data openly available, disseminate the data broadly across the health and human services ecosystem, and continuously educate internal and external participants in the ecosystem about the value of the data.

Recently we asked ourselves, “What are the next steps for the HDI?”  That question catalyzed a very interesting conversation about the goals, objectives, and the strategic direction of the HDI’s efforts.  It became apparent that a strategic plan, with tactics for executing toward specific goals and measurable outcomes, would be a tremendous asset that would provide direction and focus for the HDI’s many contributors.

Taking input from many different contributors to the HDI, including the department’s Health Data Leads, members of the National Center for Vital & Health Statistics Workgroup on Data Access and Use, the Health Data Consortium we’ve drafted the “HHS Health Data Initiative Strategy and Execution Plan”.  This is a living document intended to guide the direction of the HDI, but not limit its options or potential. Therefore, were looking for input, opinions, and feedback on the strategy for all contributors across the healthcare ecosystem.

I’m excited to hear from you, so please take a few minutes to read through this strategy and execution plan and provide some comments and feedback below as to how you’d like to see it adjusted or improved.

Thanks to those who contributed to the strategic and execution plans drafting, and to all of you who will continue to shape the HDI’s efforts.

View the plan.

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